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    *Please note that if your Company’s name is identical to an existing Company’s name, ACRA may require you to change your Company’s name after the incorporation if it is deemed necessary.

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    Please click here for the Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) code corresponding to your business activities.

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    8. We will need the back and front of all director(s) and shareholder’s I/C and/or passports for the processing of the Company incorporation.

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    Under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), organisations are required to develop and implement policies and practices to meet their personal data protection obligations. Designating at least one individual as the organisation’s DPO, and making available the DPO’s business contact information (BCI), which is mandatory under the PDPA, will help your organisation along this journey.

    The Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) collaborated with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) to develop an eService to enable business entities registered with ACRA (including sole-proprietorships, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships and companies) to register and update their DPO’s BCI via ACRA’s BizFile+ portal using their CorpPass accounts.

    To ensure that our valued clients meet their regulatory requirement, at a promotional price of S$214 per annum, we would like to offer this service to act as your company’s Data Protection Officer. Please note that we will be sharing with you advisory guidelines as well as a simple starter kit upon your confirmation to engage us. We regret to inform you that as we are not involved in the day to day activities of the company, the scope of work shall only be:

    We will be appointed as the Data Protection Officer, which is mandatory under the PDPA To manage personal data protection related queries and complaints from external parties (Information shall be provided by you) To liaise with PDPC on data protection queries and matters, if necessary (Information shall be provided by you)

    Please note the fees paid to us will include the director resolution to be prepared and 2 free management of queries and matters for the aforementioned point 2 and 3. Thereafter, a charge of S$107 will be billable on any subsequent query from external parties and/or PDPC. Please also note that any unused management of queries and matters will not be rollover to the next period.

    *All prices mentioned above are inclusive of GST

    By submitting this form you:

    1. Hereby authorise Excellence Singapore Corporate Services Pte Ltd and its designated agents, (hereinafter called “ESG” and includes ESG’s corporate parent, subsidiaries and affiliates that are majority owned by ESG, or its parent, or are under voting control of such entities and/or related companies, (collectively, “ESG Affiliates”)) to provide services including initiating / lodging the filing electronically (Bizfile) with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) for the necessary filings of return, notice, or lodgement, striking off and other professional services including submission of stamping for share transfer, book keeping, preparing of unaudited financial and tax reports and to communicate with the relevant authorities for rectifying any omissions if necessary.

    2. Declare that the information provided / communicated through written, verbal or electronic forms to ESG including financial data, company's and individuals' particulars and declarations are accurate and complete to the best of our knowledge and that the signing of all forms and documents (including but not limited to Form 45/45B, resolution, minute, share transfer form and Annual Return document) by the action person(s) is always under my/our witness.

    3. Agree that ESG's duty is solely to prepare the relevant documents based on the information provided by you / us, BUT by no means be involved to check, verify or confirm the accuracy, validity and completeness of these information.

    4. Hereby fully indemnifies and holds ESG harmless from and against all claims or liabilities from any party concerned and from any loss, costs or damages in respect of inaccurate or incomplete information prepared / filed through the services howsoever arising.

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