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Corporate Secretarial Services 

Pursuant to the companies act, all private limited companies must appoint at least one company secretary be it local or foreign companies within 6 months. The company secretary must be residing locally in Singapore and must not be the sole director of the company.

Some of the duties and services we provide as a Company Secretary:

  • Maintaining and updating of the company statutory registers and records
  • Holistic company secretarial services
  • Ensuring that the company comply to the relevant law under the company act
  • Preparation of necessary board resolutions
  • Filing annual returns and ensuring that the company hold its annual general meeting (AGM) on time
  • Company incorporation
  • Changes in registered address
  • Change in shareholdings
  • Company striking off
  • Any other changes to your company and not stated here

Why do you need a company secretary?

Rules and regulation 

Under Section 171 of the Singapore Companies’ Act, Chapter 50, Singapore companies are required to appoint a Singapore Company Secretary to ensure that the business entity/company comply with Companies’ Act legally.

In order to adhere with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority known as ACRA, you can choose to appoint Excellence Singapore as your Singapore Company Secretary. Our professional team stay relevant to the latest regulation in order to assist your company to accede with the strict requirements stated.

Key and main role of a Singapore Company Secretary

Company secretaries has a very wide job scope, ranging from updating and reporting of company information to ACRA to preparing of AGMs, EGMs and resolutions of the Company. There are several categories that are used to broadly categorise the responsibilities of a Company Secretary which we will be sharing here. This list is non-exhaustive and there are more than we will be sharing here.

  • Administrative Role

This is the main and primary role of a Company Secretary and it is also how they contribute most to the Company. Administrative role includes being in charge of ACRA related compliance work and ensuring that the Company meets its deadlines – an example of which is Annual Returns.

AGMs and EGMs is also a typical preparation of work done by Company Secretaries which involves meeting agenda and meeting minutes which are maintained by the Company Secretary. In addition, some other examples are preparing and assisting on issues such as share issues or transfer and the maintaining of shareholder register.

  • Advisory Role

Companies also depend on Company Secretaries for their advice, as they have extensive knowledge of the legal and compliance framework on top advising of internal governance of the Company. They also communicate often with Directors and Shareholders, providing them key information and to help them in their strategy and decision-making process. Company Secretaries will also be able to advise and identify on non-compliance with certain decisions to be made and thus ensure that the Company stay compliant.

  • Fiduciary Role

Company Secretaries also have a fiduciary role to always act in the best interests of the Company, just like any other officers appointed. They are to act in good faith and are to disclose any potential conflicts that could arise. Company Secretaries are also subjected to the Companies Act and Constitution of the Company just like any other officers and members.

Our Differentiation – Service

Our distinct strength is that our corporate secretarial services are able to provide you with relevant advice in areas of Singapore’s Companies Act and to diligently follow up with you in regards to your deadlines. We have also assisted numerous companies by advising them on several areas regarding the legal framework and to ensure that they stay compliant.

By engaging our company secretarial services, Excellence Singapore ensure that you will have more time to focus on the other important aspects of your business.

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