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Testimonials from our clients are as listed below. For more testimonials do contact us via enquiry@excellencesg.com

3D Resources Pte Ltd

“Excellence Singapore is very concerned with the customer’s needs. They provide a very good customer service to understand my situation and satisfy my demands. They also helped me to explore new source of funding from public listed financial institution.”

A Paneerchelvan

“All I say and remember is that all the services is very good. The person who serve is the best of all.”

Anand Mahey

“This testimonial is for Mr Min Hau. We found Mr Min Hau to be extremely helpful and always available to answer questions. If he did not have an answer, he’d find out and get back to us in within 5 minutes!” – Employee Annad Mahey

Bestpack Enterprise

“Excellence Singapore Pte Ltd was very efficient in doing up my accounts and the staffs were polite. I also managed to get banking advice from them as they also provide another service where they assist companies like us to get banking facilities such as working capital. I highly recommend them to business owners who need both accounting and working capital needs.” – Bestpack Enterprise

Dino Action Enterprise

“Excellence Singapore had provided us with a valuable services and had contributed to my company’s growth. I am truly appreciate the hard work and effort that Excellence Singapore has done to get a suitable facilities to my business…” – Mr T.J. Lee

First Carbide Pte Ltd

“The information and presentation was clear and precise. They are professional in their approach and they are able to narrow down on your needs and subsequently offer various alternatives catering to your needs. The process is smooth and hassle free.”

Fyno Precision Pte Ltd

“Very professional services in all things being handled. Great communication with close follow up. Highly recommendable to companies who need good advice and results.”

Gashubin Engineering Pte Ltd

“We appreciate the services and the swift response of your services of Staff Erica. Good job.”

Innoflex Pte Ltd

“Dionne initially approached me through the phone and introduced me their company services. She was clear and precise in her explanation and was persistent in her follow up, calling periodically to discuss about my company’s situation and updates. What’s important is that she discussed…” – Mdm Ling

Shengde Trading Pte Ltd

“Excellence Singapore provides a very efficient service to save my time and troubles in getting funds for my projects. They put in efforts to understand our business, thereby handling the hassles for me during the process of getting business fund. I could totally focus on my work.” – Mr L.X. Song

Soon Dee Hong Container Services

“When I was first introduced to Excellence Singapore, I was skeptical about their ability to assist me since I was not familiar with them. But I have given them a chance and to my surprise, they have been providing consistent services to my company since I first started working with them…” – Mr K.Y. Koh

South Asia Metal Works

“My experience with Excellence Singapore was very much a positive one. Their professionalism was refreshing and I would gladly work with them again. Thank you for making the process a very pleasant experience.” – Mr C.S. Tan

Supervalu Pte Ltd

“Dionne has been really professional in her dealings with Supervalu. She is clear and consise in all the explanations of all the workings and services of Excellence Singapore. Many thanks to all involved in securing additional funding for Supervalu expansion plans.” – Mr Edmund Koh

Trovithy Speed Recovery Enterprises

“I think the services from Excellence Singapore Pte Ltd is very good. They managed to get funding for my business expansion. I really appreciate their expertise in getting my fund application approved.”

UIS Asia Trading Pte Ltd

“Advice given were very helpful. Excellence follow up on my enquiries. Very highly recommended for business directors when planning for expansion. Good work!”


“The collaboration with Excellence Singapore has ease my financial cash-flow problem, and allowed me to be able to plan up-ahead and accepting new project within a worry. Not only getting the capital we required, Excellence Singapore also has advise me on how to maximize the financial usage and yet maintain a healthy financial.”

Vision 2 Engineering Pte Ltd

“Excellence Singapore has managed to source enough fund for my new projects as my company is undergoing business expansion. I really appreciate their capability. Because I previous engaged with other business consulting firms but none of them successfully get any fund for me.”

Unique Electrical Pte Ltd

“The collaboration with Excellence Singapore has ease my financial cash-flow problem, allowing me to be able to plan up-ahead and accepting new project without a worry. They not only get the capital we required, Excellence Singapore also advised me on how to maximize the cash flow usage and also to maintain healthy financials” – Mr Kattamuri

Kaka Renovation Contractor

“it is a pleasure to work hand in hand with the staff from Excellence Singapore. They are good in managing my expectation which i feel very satisfied and impressed.” – Mr Ong

Flexoffice System (S) Pte Ltd

“Excellence Singapore is really excellent. They are efficient and responsibile. A very good service provider.”

Ace Custom

“Excellence Singapore provided me with the professional service which can save a lot of my time and effort. The staff who serve me, Winnie, is very responsible and efficient. I rate 10 out of 10 for her attitude.” – Mr K.H. Ng

Alsale Marketing Pte Ltd

“Excellence Singapore is really efficient in getting their job done. I am really amazed by their efficiency and will definitely introduce my friends to them if they need the services provided.” – Mdm S.W Loh

Lai Metals Pte Ltd

“We are grateful that we got in touch with Carmen at the right time when we needed extra support to further expand our companies. We used to be skeptical about banking facilities but the professionalism and hassle-free services provided by Excellence Singapore and Carmen turned the impression around. There is no doubt that we will continue to work with Excellence Singapore and Carmen in the near future!” – Mr Kavinchelvan

Trimen Ventures Pte Ltd

“Trimen Ventures Pte Ltd highly recommends Ms Carmen for her financing experience & job professionalism. She is detailed, a good listener and seeks clear understanding of our company situation to perform her task.”

Casimirian Landscape Pte Ltd

“We are very pleased to work with Carmen over the past few months. She was very patient and understanding in advising us based on our companys’ needs and requirements. We are truly impressed by her professionalism and efficiency in handling our case. We will definitely continue to associate with her and her company!” – Mr Elvis Choa

Forbes Marketing Pte Ltd

“Advices provided were useful for business planning, efficient in problem solving for us and follow up were prompt as well as excellent after sale service.”

Advanced Engineering Group (Intl) Pte Ltd

“I am very extremely satisfied with the services provided. The staff was efficient, informative and very friendly.”

Electio (S) Pte Ltd

“During my time with Excellence Singapore Group, they have provided my business with excellent support in the areas of financing, accounting and advisory. I can confidently recommend Excellence Singapore Group as a solid and reliable business partner and experts in their field.”

Yeh Ming Shih

“The service your staff provided is efficient and with prompt reply. No negative response so far.”

Xedge Consultancy Pte Ltd

“We are extremely pleased with the services provided by Excellene Singapore Group in assisting our company with securing the loan at a prompt speed. They have been very professional in rendering their services to us.” – Ms Y.K Yeong

Union Furniture & Exhibition Pte Ltd

“We have a good experience coorperating with Ms Dionne. This is not the first time we are dealing with her and in the future there will still be many chances for working together because we trust her. She is a very patient person and gave us very good opinions as well as explaining the loan products to us. She also gave us various suggestion regarding the application and we are very appreciative for her assistance. Thank you again.”

Sumeet Kumar

“First of all, I am really thankful to Excellence Singapore Group and specially to Ms Dionne, who helped me to take initiative regarding my credit bureau. I am totally satisfied for the services rendered by Ms Dionne. She has got very good experience in the industry.”

MS Electrical Engineering Services

“I know that the company assisted many SMEs in Singapore and they have also supported me in getting an easier approval” – Mr Hossain

Choong Sow Yong

“I am very appreciative for your prompt attention to my matter and helpful suggestions. Further thanking Ms Carmen for the services provided, she was nice and answered my questions promptly and professionally.”

VBH Singapore Pte Ltd

“Carmen approached and worked with us over the last couple of months in an excellent manner, both professionally and privately. She showed a good depth of financial knowledge in advising us regarding our needs and requirements. She displayed patience and understanding in her role as our advisor. We are truly impressed by her attitude and working style. We would like to continue to associate with her and her Company.” – Mr S.B. Goh

Atelier Concept Pte Ltd

“Excellence Singapore Group has been very pro-active in helping us and is very responsive too.” – Mr Victor Chua

Revamp International Pte Ltd / Revamp Hair (S) Pte Ltd

“Overall, very satisfied with Excellence Singapore Group’s services – Efficient & deliver their promises ultimately. We have a great experience dealing with them with their professional advice by giving us a hassle free experience to get through all the banking facilities!”

Altech Aluminium and Interior Design / Jaden Enterprise Pte Ltd

“Excellence Singapore Group always gives very prompt response with their excellent services. Impressed with their after sales services. Will continue to support them for my future financing needs.”

Dragon Phoenix Restaurant (Clarke Quay) Pte Ltd

“The team from Excellence Singapore Group is resourceful, friendly and professional in delivering their services. They target at specific needs of their clients to source for the most appropriate product to meet our needs.”

Winter Cool Air-Con

“Excellence Singapore has been professional in their dealins with Winter Cool Air-Con. It is refreshing to work with them and they are objective in acquiring financial tools for my company’s needs. Based on my first time dealing with them, I can say that the whole process is quite efficient and pleasant, and once again, I would like to commend them for their efforts and results.” – Mr K.S. Chan

Sonnet Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“We have been with another business consulting firm before Dionne came along to recommend her company’s services to us. After an appointment with Dionne, we decided to give Excellence Singapore Group a chance to assist us in our financial planning and we have not regretted our decisions. Even though there aare some tecnical hiccups during the process, Dionne followed up closely and was helpful, providing assistance in every way she can. All in all, we are contented with the services provided.” – Mr Bennie Siah

Hai Soon Heng Marine Services Pte Ltd

“Very prompt in helping me to get financing needs for my business requirement. Many thanks to Excellence Singapore Group for ensuring that the whole process was smooth sailing.”

Excellent Colloids & Chemicals Pte Ltd

“I am very happy with the services provided by Excellence Singapore Pte Ltd and their staffs are very reliable and helpful in terms of satisfying my concerns and needs. I will definitely look for them again in future.” – Ms Carole

Unitednature (Far East) Pte Ltd

“We have engaged Excellence Singapore Pte Ltd recently and we are very satisfied with the prompt services and their service is very helpful to our business.” – Mr K.S. Foo

Baby’s Boutique

“We are surprised to have our loan approved at the shortest time and lowest interest rate through Excellence Singapore services. Indeed, Excellence Singapore Group lived up to their name, giving us quality and excellent services.”

Wize Options Pte Ltd

“Excellence Singapore Group has been very supportive in our expansion plans and have assisted us in getting the necessary facilities from the banks. The whole process was smooth and the facilities that was successfully granted to us was satisfactory. Other than assisting us in obtaining corporate facilities, we have also engaged them as our company secretary & accountant. The transitional period has been efficient and the services provided were consitent as well as professional. All in all, it was a great experience working with them and we will engage them for other services when we require it.”

Soon Chow Workshop (2001) Pte Ltd

“As the Financial Controller and Legal Counsel of my family group of automative business, I am writing with great pleasure regarding a positive experience with an over-performing individual. My compkany have engaged a financial solution firm to apply for a business financial loan where we need to complement our working capital. It is paramount that the application be efficient and quick. Ms Esta was assigned by the firm specifically to perform the necessary.

Esta was very patient in our demands and requirmenets, constantly and periodically reviewing on the requirements we need and how quick we want the application to be. I can only imagine the stress she went through. However, after working with Esta for the past 2 weeks, I know her to be extremely skilled in all areas related to Financial Management and has been able to provide us with the 100% satisfiaction that we seek. I believe her ability to carry out her independent role well stem from her dedicated nature and good interpersonal qualities.

Esta is also very focused and committed to her work and has displayed an indisputable passion in everything that she does as well as possessing very strong work and service ethics. I also know her to be responsible, dependable honest and dilligent and I have no doubt that she will be a valuable asset to any organization.”

Mobile Forces

“Recently I engaged Excellence Singapore Group to do my accounts, they are fast and efficient in getting things done. They are also very professional, neat and detailed too.”

OSS Technologies - A Pte Ltd

“We are very impressed and truly satisfied with the services and advices rendered by Ms Dionne to facilitate our application to secure the financial funding for our business expansion activities. She is very knowledgeable and professional in her approach in all matters relevant in this work and we are very grateful to have her advice and assistance.”

Schley International Pte Ltd

“Many Thanks for your help and services rendered. Much appreciated.”

Taugres Building Materials Pte Ltd

“Overall, quite good service and always prompt response.”

Recommendation letters we have accumulated