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Auditors, generally known as certified public accountants (CPA) provides an independent audit opinion on the company financials and ensuring that the records and statements are accurate and true. An audited account also further provides credibility of the company and assures outsiders such as investors or potential clients that require your company financials to be audited.

Audit is compulsory when a company turnover is more than SGD$5 million or when the company has a corporate shareholder in Singapore though there are businesses that are exempted from audit depending on the type of business and size. There are also many companies in Singapore that does voluntary audit.

Auditing gives shareholders and external parties assurance as auditors will have to give its independent opinion on whether the financials are accurate and whether the business have any ongoing concerns. Audited financials may also be required when bidding for job projects etc.

Excellence Singapore work with a few audit partners to ensure that our clients enjoy the best service and cost that suits your requirement.

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Audit Regulation

Audit Regulation in Singapore

ACRA, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority in Singapore registers public accountants. They keep track of their work and publishes information about the audit standards to follow in Singapore. Partnering with organisation or individuals in the relevant profession and the business community is to strengthen the financial reporting eco-system.

ACRA’s audit regulation is administered under the Accountants Act by the Public Accountants Oversight Committee. The PAOC comprises of  experienced professionals from the public service, the business community and the audit profession. And to ensure independence, a majority of PAOC members are not public accountants.

How can we help?

How can Excellence Singapore help you?

Our audit process concentrates on the key areas of risk, based on a company’s operational characteristics and performance profile. Our partners and accounting professionals are well trained and equipped with industry knowledge to look holistically in financial reporting.

Through continual assessment, our audit procedures remain consistent and in line with the latest requirements of the regulatory bodies of Singapore, namely ACRA.

We strategize our location so you will be able to access us easily regardless of where your office is located. Yearly compliance are necessary and we deliver a comprehensive solution for your convenience.

  • Full accountability to Singapore and International Accounting Standards
  • Highly emphasizing on the key procedure and protocols along with, risks and controls
  • Understanding the business by grooming and utilizing industry-experienced professionals

Some Benefits of hiring external auditors

  • Identifies Weaknesses in Internal Control
  • Lends Credibility to Financial Statements
  • Unbiased, Expert Recommendations

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